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Voted as one of the TOP 100 Burlesque Performers in the World!
for 2010 in
21st Century Burlesque Magazine

I teach a variety of workshops. I am available to teach at your event or provide a private lesson.

Positively Lovely

This is a body image workshop about loving our bodies, one inch at a time, releasing judgments and telling your love story with your body. Open to all sizes, ages, genders and bodies. I have worked with size-positive/sex-positive/body activists such as Leonard Nimoy, Candye Kane, Marilyn Wann (Fat!SO?) and Annie Sprinkle, PhD to create this workshop. 
I have taught this workshop in San Francisco, at The Vancouver Burlesque Festival ,at the Toronto Burlesque Festival 2010
Femme Conference 2010 and 2012, at the Austin Academy of Burlesque (Austin, TX).   This is a seated class and lasts about an hour, depending on attendance. Please come as you are, dressed comfortably.

The Physics of Twirling
I am sanctioned by the Legend of Burlesque, Satans Angel to teach her methods of tassel twirling, including: 
how to make her styleof pasties with spinners. This workshop teaches you exactly how Satan's Angel makes her guaranteed-to-spin-twirl-and-save-your-breast-tissue tassels. Also learn how the difference of a well-constructed pastie and the physics of a tassel.
I have taught this workshop at 
The Vancouver Burlesque FestivalToronto Burlesque Festival 2010
in Austin, Texas at the 
Austin Academy of Burlesque. 
I have also taught alongside Satan's Angel in San Francisco.
  Bring your glue gun, we will be making a pair of pasties with spinners and two sets of fringe tassels. All materials are included in the price of the workshop.

Presenting: YOU!
This class teaches confidence, presence and engaging attention in public speaking, performances and every day situations.Please wear comfortable clothing. We will be up and moving during the class. 

Strip For Your Lover
Beginning techniques on the art of the striptease. Learn about being sensuous, playful, engaging and most of all - THE TEASE. 

Advance Crafting with 
Miss Theresa 
Together, they bring a wealth of information on how to work with rhinestones, beads, sequins, fringe, elastic, leather and more. There will not be any actual craft work completed during the class. This is a skill share workshop, to learn more about your materials. This is a seated class, please come as you are. 

Lady Monster is burlesque legend Satan's Angel's protege and A Queen of the Fire Tassels

She began her burlesque career performing with Heather MacAllister's Fat-Bottom Revue. She soon found herself working with Candye Kane, Annie Sprinkle and modeling for Leonard Nimoy. Appearing in his book of nude photography, Full Body Project, Lady Monster became a spokesmodel with Mr. Nimoy for this book. They have appeared in several interviews together.

In 2008 Lady Monster learned how to twirl fire tassels from Satan's Angel. Since then she became her protege and A Queen of the Fire Tassels. Lady Monster is a Senior Partner of her LLC protecting the patented design of her fire tassels.

Lady Monster has been teaching workshops for the past two years including at: Austin (TX) Academy of Burlesque, the Vancouver Burlesque Festival (2010), Toronto Burlesque Festival (2010), Femme Conference (2010, 2012), Satan's Angel's Ta Ta Flambe Tour (2010), throughout San Francisco Bay Area and now in Columbus, Ohio.


For more information about Lady Monster and The Lessons With Lady Monster, please:  

Lady Monster at Stephanie@LadyMonster.com

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